I keep trying, and trying to stop using Windows on my old PC, but so far I've not found a Linux up to the task.

I inherited an old 800MHz PIII when my aunt passed away, and I set it up in the living room for my son to use to browse his Star Trek Wikis. I originally put Windows 2000 on it, but twice, now, Win2K has just randomly died and stopped booting. So twice I've tried to leave it completely behind and instead install Xubuntu. Or even Kubuntu or Ubuntu. Xubuntu naturally performs the best, but it's still dog-slow and frustratingly unresponsive when Win2K was pretty spry. Then add to the fact that FireFox hangs every 15 minutes, or so, and I've just about had it. I've never met a flavor of Windows I've cared much for, but so far the infrequent re-installs of Win2K are actually easier to deal with than the constant opening of a terminal in order to kill a hung process. Ideologically, I love Linux. But unfortunately my pragmatism is quickly overshadowing my ideals.

Now, of course, if I could get a copy of OS X running on it... Hell, even 10.3 or 10.2 would make me happy. But alas...