Northern Exposure #73

Joel loses a patient in this episode. Somebody he cares about and admires and who he desperately wants to not die. But she knows it's her time, and is accepting. He isn't, though, and he shows up at her house to try one more time to raise her spirits only to discover that she's just passed.

I held it together until Ruth Anne said, "We put her in her green dress. You know, the one with the white collar. She always wore that for company." I had to chose the clothes my wife was buried in. I didn't pick her most professional suit, or her most ornate; I chose a casual outfit she'd purchased just a week or two before that she was excited about and really looked good on her. It was a brown sweater skirt combo that looked so lovely on her olive complexion and I remember she was so proud of it. I remember being torn about choosing it. She loved it so much, so it was appropriate, but she had just bought it, and something seemed wrong about not keeping it. The fact that it would never again be worn if I
didn't choose it still hadn't sunk in.

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