PvPonline.com (Avery Brooks Post)


This post had me tearing up. What a special moment to meet your heroes. How exiting to meet the people who's work has had such a large impact on your life. 2 hankies

The post also had me a bit angry at the raucous, jackass culture that has sprung up that is completely unable to do anything but mock and scold. It's a frightening lack of empathy, and empathy is a large part of what makes us human. The fact that a celebrity was a couple sheets to the wind isn't significant - we've all done it and it's not even remotely inappropriate given the time and place - what's significant is that they were having a relaxed moment and ended up mocked for it. Which probably is a large reason why it's simpler to stay isolated and keep such wonderful moments rare.

I would hate to be so emotionally damaged that all I had left was mockery and scorn and that I couldn't - even vicariously - be happy for others.