Please, go to sleep...

My autistic daughter hates to go to bed. She loves to sleep, but she hates the lack of stimulation that's required for her to wind down enough to actually fall asleep. So I have to sit with her every night for a little bit until she dozes off. My presence keeps her from getting back out of bed, turning on the lights, and staying up all night playing.

Last night, though, she just kept babbling to herself, and babbling and babbling. I took this video at about 5:30am. I'm so glad for the iPad and the iPhone. A few years ago, I would just have to sit there in the dark and likely would nod off, myself, before she did and would wake up in my chair an hour or two later to find her out of bed and playing with her toys. Now I just watch netflix until she goes to sleep. Last night I watched about half a season of Warehouse 13.


A few months ago, when I heard about
this book for the first time, I laughed like a crazy man through the entire thing. It was perfect.