Stephen King's "On Writing." (Audiobook)

I first bought this as a book on tape when we were living in Chicago and I had driven back to Arkansas for a couple days, leaving the wife and kids in Illinois. I bought this for the drive back and ended up sitting in our apartment's parking spot for half an hour before I turned off the car so I could finish it. I've loved Stephen King books since junior high, and this one is amazing. It's an autobiographical look at the craft of writing.

I bought the digital download version of this, again, today from The guys on macbreak weekly mentioned it, this week, and rather than try to find an actual cassette player, I just went ahead and bought it, again. It's worth it.

In the book he describes finding out that his first book's paperback rights had sold for $200,000 when he was still teaching for about $6,000 a year. He then goes on to describe how, when he explained the news to his wife, she broke into tears. That, of course, made me break into tears. 2 hankies