Elemental Fury + Chain Lightning = Squee!

I love patch 4.3 so much. Nice raid DPS and the more targets, the more mana I get back. Delightful.

Downside Up

I watched this with my son, and it was just beautiful and moving. Pretty much reaffirms everything I believe to be important. (And I love Peter Gabriel. That song was a good choice. I highly recommend watching it in HD and fullscreen.)

Anne McCaffrey (1926 – 2011)

I just heard that Anne McCaffrey has passed away. I’ve read dozens of her books over the last 30 years and they’ve helped shape the person I am, today. I remember looking at the cover of “Dragonflight” in my Dad’s library as a boy and immediately knowing it was a book I wanted to read. I’m so glad I did. That book lead to the rest of the original trilogy which lead to the Dragonsong trilogy, which lead on to book after book about Pern. From there seeing the name “Anne McCaffrey” on the spine of a book was enough for me to want to buy or borrow it. Decision at Doona, The Ship Who Sang, The Crystal Singer, Restoree, and so many others. I can’t count the hours that I’ve enjoyed reading her books. She was definitely one of the greatest and most prolific Science Fiction writers. She will be missed.




Please, go to sleep...

My autistic daughter hates to go to bed. She loves to sleep, but she hates the lack of stimulation that's required for her to wind down enough to actually fall asleep. So I have to sit with her every night for a little bit until she dozes off. My presence keeps her from getting back out of bed, turning on the lights, and staying up all night playing.

Last night, though, she just kept babbling to herself, and babbling and babbling. I took this video at about 5:30am. I'm so glad for the iPad and the iPhone. A few years ago, I would just have to sit there in the dark and likely would nod off, myself, before she did and would wake up in my chair an hour or two later to find her out of bed and playing with her toys. Now I just watch netflix until she goes to sleep. Last night I watched about half a season of Warehouse 13.


A few months ago, when I heard about
this book for the first time, I laughed like a crazy man through the entire thing. It was perfect.

Fallon, Morrison and Burton.

This is so amazingly spot-on. He even yells like Morrison. It just totally cracked me up. I actually had to watch it twice.

Re-reading the blog

KurtI’m moving posts from the old blogging system to my new system and re-reading and re-watching a lot of them on the way.

Guess what?

Buckets of tears, that’s what. A lot of this stuff remains very potent.

Damn BBC...

I just watched the final episode of "A Touch of Frost" on netflix. Damn.

I usually don't watch final episodes. This is a perfect example why. Broke my damn heart. I didn’t realize it was the final episode until it was almost halfway over and I was looking at what was coming next. Then I could easily see that they were setting up something big and bad for the ending before it happened.

Still, I did like the series a lot. Maybe I’ll go back and watch the final “Midsomer Murders” episode, as well.

Netflix: A Touch of Frost

Wikipedia: A Touch of Frost

My girl's hidden masterpieces.

A little
video I made about my autistic daughter's hidden digital drawings. (Best viewed at 720p and fullscreen.)

Deathwing flying over Wetlands.


Creepy Crate eats a cow!


My new/old look