Stone Soup - July 9, 2008

This story line has been going on for a few days, but it's definitely worth going back to read. This strip is the culmination of the story line and just perfect in timing and tone. Plus, it was just the right resolution for the dilemma these two characters were in, and so sweet that it made me misty-eyed. Essentially, outside forces were putting unhealthy pressures on their relationship, and the creator making the boyfriend do this perfectly disarmed the situation and released the tension that had built over the past few days (probably enhancing the emotional reaction). Even the hair-stylist's reactions in the background is a nice little cherry on top of the sundae.

Bah, it's hard to really describe so just go back a week or two and read all the strips up until today (and keep going, if you like - this is a good comic). See if your reaction is any different than mine. 1 hankie