Re-reading the blog

KurtI’m moving posts from the old blogging system to my new system and re-reading and re-watching a lot of them on the way.

Guess what?

Buckets of tears, that’s what. A lot of this stuff remains very potent.

Friday Twitter Feed - August 22, 2008

Hands down, my favorite tweet, today...

"When one has grown tired of loudly singing The Proclaimers' "500 Miles" in a Groundskeeper Willie voice, one has grown tired of life itself. - Andy Ihnatko 07:11:51


This Digg post linking to this Flickr photo had a simple comment, just below it:

"Sweet home Chicago."

I grew up where I'm living, now, but I loved living in Chicago. Also, my wife was laid to rest there, so, in a very real sense, Chicago will always have my heart. 2 hankies

Just woke up - July 17, 2008

This is partly why I started this thing. Sometimes, I really don't understand what gets me worked up. My eyes are still gummy from sleep, though, and maybe that and a general grogginess are contributing factors...

I was just watching a time-shifted Colbert Report from last night, and as I was skipping through the commercials, I caught the last few seconds of a commercial for the new X-Files movie. As the announcer said, "I Want to Believe," I felt a flood of emotion and got teary-eyed. I never watched an episode until after the show had gone off the air, but I eventually ended up getting all 9 seasons on DVD and by now I've actually seen them a couple of times. A lot of positive memories associated with that show.

Then, after the commercial, it cut back to the Colbert Report just as Stephen announced the band Rush. I'm not a huge Rush fan, but like anybody who was alive for at least part of the 70s, I'd heard some of their stuff and generally liked what I heard. It was just that it was a bit before my time. Until my last year of high-school and one of my best friends made me a mix-tape that had "Trees," and "2112," and it entered my emotional lexicon a bit more deeply. I think that along with all the buildup to their appearance on the show, their announcement gave me another bit of a push and I got another surge of emotion and weepy-eyes. 2 hankies

The Hankie Scale

As I see it, the scale is as follows:

  • 1 hankie - a little weepy. Eyes tear up.

  • 2 hankies - a little weepier. A tear or two might actually spill over the eyelids but can be ignored or wiped away with fingertips.

  • 3 hankies - More than a few tears. Need an actual hankie or tissue to cope with them.

  • 4 hankies - Actual crying and probably runny nose. Lasts a couple minutes, at least, and requires more than one tissue or hankie.

  • 5 hankies - wracking sobs.