Todd and Penguin

I read a boatload of webcomics. I have 50 dailies, and about 30 M,W,F and maybe 15 weeklies that I read. One MWF that I really like is Todd and Penguin. It's one of three comics by David Wright, and they're all side projects for him (he writes for his local paper, if I recall). He and I have corresponded in the past and he's a nice guy doing his thing: raising a family with his wife and working on comics when he gets a chance.

Not too long ago, he introduced a new character to T&P in the form of Sicily the dog, and today, I guess he ended her story line. That's a rather unsympathetic way to phrase something that actually made me cry a good bit. It was a tenderly done strip and really got me weepy. 3 hankies

You should go back and read the whole series, or at least go back to when Sicily was introduced in order to get the full effect.