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Freethought Radio 8/15/08

This story was inspirational. Julia Cicci is a non-religious ROTC cadet coming into conflict with the very religious culture of the United States Army. I found the part where she invokes the United States Constitution especially moving. 2 hankies

To some of us, the Constitution is our most sacred document and it's great to see it invoked along with the Logic and Reason that inspired it.

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Freethought Radio

Freethought Radio played an excerpt of Julia Sweeny's fantastic monologue, "Letting Go of God" (Which I already owned a CD copy of). In it, she mentioned the realization that all the people she'd loved who'd passed away - including her brother - weren't waiting for her in some magical fairyland, but were actually, irrevocably gone. That is a painful fact to come to terms with. 2 hankies

The Rachel Maddow Show 7/24/08

I'm catching up on back episodes of TRMS because they didn't post their podcasts for a couple days. Listening to Thursday's show, Rachel is replaying the Obama Berlin speech in it's entirety. The ending is making me weepy all over again. 2 hankies

State of Belief 6/21/08

Rev. Gaddy was interviewing Mitchell Gold and Mr. Gold related a story about a young gay man in Texas who was raised Evangelical and who was so appalled by his own sexuality that he would repeatedly physically harm himself because he thought he was such an abomination. He even took a razor and cut the word "fag" into his chest. He also talked about the high rates of suicide amongst gay teenagers. As he related this, he started to choke up at the injustice of a culture that would make anybody so hate themselves for simply being who they are. It made me choke up, too. 2 hankies

Rachel Maddow Show 6/17/08

When Rachel is talking to Paul Rieckhoff and she mentions "The Andi Foundation," in the memory of Andi Parhamovich. 1 hankie

I remember the Air America radio show where Rachel shared the sad news that Andi had been killed and vividly remember crying my eyes out as Rachel just broke down on air over the loss of her friend.