Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson - 10/7/08

At about 7:24 into the monologue, Craig starts talking about Solidarity, and when he spoke about the image of democracy being "one American armed with a ballot," tears immediately sprang to my eyes. 3 hankies

Craig Ferguson - 10/2/08

This one's a two-parter:

I thought it was pretty touching that Craig would meet this kid, see how remarkable and fantastic he was, and then get him on the show, right away. (2 hankies) Then came the whammy, at the end of the show:

This was just really touching. I've always liked his humor, but now I have a lot of respect for the man, too. 3 hankies

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - 9/24/08

I only discovered Craig Ferguson a few months ago when he was a guest on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!," so I don't know how rare or common it is for him to take a serious tangent in his monologue. He did take one, tonight, though. At about 3:50 into this clip (the whole thing is worth watching, though - he is really funny) he starts talking about the financial crisis and proposed bailout. At the end he very seriously, and, to me, shockingly, asks, "Where's the bailout for the 10 million uninsured kids?" and immediately the smile I was wearing at hearing his jokes was knocked off my face and tears sprung to my eyes. He's exactly right. Stable markets are nice, but there are much more serious issues that we've been neglecting for too long, and they have precedence. 2 hankies