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Richard Trumka 2008 Steelworkers Convention

If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, there's something fundamentally wrong with you. Period. A fire-breathin', barn-burner of a speech.

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Alaskan Anti-Palin Rally

These times are so scary to me. Never in my conscious memory have I seen the country so visibly suffering. I also understand exactly what brought us to this point, and what's needed to fix it. Choosing Palin was a stroke of genius. She's so muddied the water by bringing back the culture wars that we've completely lost track of the issues that really matter. She scares me because she might be the wedge that allows McCain to take office and drive the final knife into America's heart.

Still, I keep finding hope in
surprising places. 3 hankies

Coverage of Obama's Acceptance Speech at the DNC.

I'm watching this time-shifted so I can skip the commercials, but I'm starting at the beginning as Will-I-Am is singing "Yes we can." It's beautiful and makes me tear up (1 hankie). It's amazing that an artist can make a moving song using a campaign speech. Says something about the campaigner, if you ask me.

I'm watching MSNBC's coverage, so there's lots of skipping around to avoid Chris Matthews and Pat Buchannan commentaries... (this isn't the "angry-yelling-at-the-TV-diary") I'm catching as much Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow as I can.

Hee hee... I wonder if Rachel Maddow knows that they're broadcasting her, Nora O'Donnell and Eugene Robinson dancing to Stevie Wonder? For all of her brilliance, she seems kind of shy and self-conscious.

Al Gore is beginning to speak. Just thinking about what the country would be like now if he'd been allowed to take his rightful office back in 2000... Good lord, this man should have been running this country. 1 hankie

Tom Brokaw of all people is making weird comments about the setting being "empirical." The other MSNBC commentators are sort of taking him to task for it.

Joe Biden is speaking. This is the first speech I've heard by him. Not bad...

This is crazy. MSNBC has a transcript of Obama's speech before he makes it, and Olbermann is reading parts of it? Don't spoil it for me! Holy crap!

MSNBC has got to be kicking themselves for putting their set outside. Earlier there was a guy with a bullhorn behind "Race for the Whitehouse" who was drowning out the pundits by screaming "911 was an inside job!" over and over, and now as Rachel Maddow and the others are trying to discuss the upcoming speech, the crowd noise - even without bullhorns - is making it hard to understand them.

That stadium is
crammed full of people...

Dick Durban is taking the stage to introduce Obama.

I have to say, I've been hearing a lot of good speeches in the last few days, and very few speakers can move me the way Obama can. The man is a brilliant orator.

They're showing a video about Obama's biography. I have to say, he was not the prettiest of babies...

This video is very touching. Now he's talking about his mother's passing. 1 hankie

"One person's struggle is all of our struggles. We recognize ourselves in each other." 2 hankies

Is it just a trick of fate? The fact that I was born in '74 and Nixon and his successors are all I have to compare with? Barack Obama strikes me as potentially the most amazing leader our country has ever seen. Is it just because I was born so late in our country's history and don't remember anything better? Or is it the stark comparison of 8 disastrous years of Bush? This man seems so amazing to me. I want him to lead this country. 2 hankies

He's coming onstage, now, and people are weeping. 1 hankie

He accepts the nomination! 4 hankies

"Enough!" 4 hankies

"We love this country too much to let the next four years look like the last eight." 4 hankies

"They work hard, and they give back, and they keep going without complaint. These are the Americans I know." 3 hankies

"It's time for them to own their faliure." 3 angry hankies

"These are my heroes." 3 hankies

"I will restore our moral standing so that America is once again that last best hope for all that are called to the cause of freedom, who long for lives of peace, and who yearn for a better future." 2 hankies

"This election has never been about me. It's about you." 3 hankies

" hear a young preacher from Georgia speak of his dreams..." 2 hankies

Biden and his wife walking on stage to join the Obamas and embracing them really struck me, somehow. 3 hankies

Biden was a young widower, as well. Knowing that draws me to him all the more. Bringing a family through that trauma is difficult and he seems to done it exceptionally well.

"They're going to criticize me for saying that he inspires me, and to hell with my critics." Chris Matthews. That took me by surprise...

Well, they've left the stage. I guess that's a good enough place to stop. What an amazing speech.

Invesco Field National Anthem

(doing this from my iPhone so it might be sloppier than normal.)

I'm like Rachel Maddow, the national anthem always makes me cry. Tonight, though, as I'm fully prepared to cry buckets as I listen to Obama's acceptance speech, it's really flooring me. 4 hankies

Hillary Clinton Moves to Nominate Barack Obama by Acclimation

I just watched the roll-call vote of the Democratic National Convention, and I watched as Senator Hillary Clinton moved to suspend the roll-call and in a show of unity move to nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic Nominee.

I have to tell you, this was a very emotional moment for me. Tears were pouring out as I watched the Democratic Party come together and nominate their candidate. I wasn't the only one, either. There were a lot of tear-streaked faces in that crowd. 4 hankies

Oregon Democratic Party Ad

I saw this on
Crooks & Liars. No commentary needed, really. 3 hankies