Thomas Jefferson (PBS Documentary)

In the beginning of the documentary, they explained how Thomas Jefferson used to ride to the top of "Tom's Mountain," with his friend, Dabney Carr. They loved the spot so much, that they formed a pact that if one predeceased the other, the survivor would make sure his friend was laid to rest on the mountain. Eventually, Jefferson built Montecello on the mountain.

"In May of 1773, Jefferson's friend, Dabney Carr, died of bilious fever. True to his word, Jefferson saw to it that he was laid to rest at Monticello."

I admire Jefferson a great deal, and I found this gesture for his lost friend very touching. 3 hankies

Maxed Out

This is a heartbreaking documentary about the lack of consumer protection for middle- and low-income people in the US in regards to predatory lending. They had story after story of people pushed to the edge or actually committing suicide because they were just overwhelmed. Even college-age kids. One widow, in particular, had a heartbreaking tale. Her husband passed and she couldn't keep up with her house payments and basically sold every item she owned trying to stay afloat but was still being foreclosed. She tearfully revealed she'd thought about suicide, but her son had killed himself and she couldn't put her family through that, again. 3 hankies