Molly Ivins

Netroots Nation - Molly Ivins Quote

I was watching some panel about blogging and the media that included Paul Krugman, and at the end of the panel the moderator read a quote from Molly Ivins exhorting Democrats to "raise hell."

I absolutely loved
Molly Ivins. I don't exactly embrace Southern culture, but it is my culture, for the most part, and Molly was such a brilliant and moving example of what a Southern Liberal should be (I know, I know, she was actually Texan, but it's close enough for my purposes). I still shed a few tears almost every time I hear her name mentioned. 2 hankies

(I'm now watching archived panels and since they're in Texas, it seems they're all at least paying a little homage to Molly. Well, it's tough on me, but she very much deserves it. multiple 1 hankies)