Please, not Leonard Nimoy, again...

My son is a huge Star Trek fan. I liked Next Generation and Enterprise, but my son just drinks up all things Trek, including Voyager, DS9 and the original TV series. He watches episodes that our DVR records off satellite, and he reads Memory Alpha and Beta and he even watches fan vids on YouTube.

Well, today he somehow found the old video of
Leonard Nimoy singing "Bilbo Baggins." (He actually told me that he thought that Leonard Nimoy was a great singer.) At the moment he's stomping around the kitchen singing it at the top of his lungs.

I've got to find a distraction for that boy, and fast.

Radio II just released an iPhone application. Beautiful.

A brief, personal history of radio.

Like everybody else, radio has been a constant presence in my life. As a small kid in the 1970s, my father always listened to Country or Christian music because Rock 'N Roll was the devil's music (I'm not kidding, folks). Which was fortunate because those literally where the two stations available where we lived in Northern Arkansas: the Country station and the Christian station.

After a childhood of not really connecting to music, I ended up going to a catholic boarding school for my first two years of high-school (early 90's). The student body literally sampled every region in North America and sometimes even further afield, and they all brought amazingly diverse collections of music with them. Suddenly I was finally hearing not only
music, but music that picked me up and carried me away. Epiphany. Music has been vital to me, ever since.

Radio, however, continued to frustrate me. Even if you find a station with a good format, you're constantly being barraged with ads. CDs weren't much better because you were limited to one album at a time, and by however many jewel boxes you were able to carry. The introduction of the iPod was a godsend because I was able to rip all my CDs to MP3 and basically fake my own radio station/jukebox. Except for one factor: new music. A music library will go stale unless periodically seeded with fresh material.

In the last couple of years, I've even found answers for that. and Pandora. Their only drawback? That I had to use them while sitting at a computer - which is not how I listen to music. I listen to music on my iPod (now iPhone).

Well, now we've completely broken down every barrier - Pandora is an iPhone 2.0 app, and it works over AT&T's EDGE (no 3G where I live and won't be for probably ages). I just took the kids out to lunch and drove through the rural country side listening to completely new and fantastic and high-fidelity music with Pandora over the EDGE network. Suddenly I have the world's best radio station literally everywhere I go.

I'm so excited.

Book of Love

This song popped up on my iPod while I was playing World of Warcraft. I've always liked Peter Gabriel. Solsbury Hill is one of my all time favorites. I actually didn't hear Book of Love until fairly recently. It's just a really, really moving and touching song. 2 hankies