Mythbusters #74 (Dog Myths)

During the episode, CC (Adam's dog) was very intimidated by Adam and acting very submissive. She was crawling on her belly and urinating on the floor whenever he got too close. The trainer helping Adam explained that CC had most likely had been mistreated by previous male owners. She was a beautiful malamute and it just broke my heart that she thought of herself as the omega of her pack. 1 hankie

I do value humans more than most other animals and I don't oppose the use of animals in research, but I do oppose unnecessary suffering or cruelty. Besides, dogs are special. They may have very well evolved into domesticity and they can bond with us like no other species. I've had a few good dogs in my life, and wish my home situation were a little different so we could get a dog. It's an experience I'd like my son to have, but with all the work and care involved in taking care of his sister, I'm just not up to raising a puppy.

Thankfully, the trainer and adam were able to work with CC and boost her confidence. She was a much happier dog by the end of the episode.