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President Obama at Newtown, CT

The original purpose of this blog was to be a journal of the tears I shed, why I shed them, and whether they were worth shedding. The murder of twenty children and six adults in Newtown, CT has had me crying a few times, over the last few days. Here is President Obama’s speech at a prayer vigil for the victims. It also made me weep, but, as always, I’m glad I took the time to listen.




Why Obama Now


Bumper Sticker

My Barack Obama bumper sticker arrived, today! Now the question is whether I actually dare put this on my truck. I live in the NorthWest corner of Arkansas, and between Wal-Mart HQ and all the racist organizations and Christian Fundamentalist sects that have compounds, out here, it's almost a guarantee there will be somebody who'll try to damage the truck or me over it. 10 years ago I'd say, "bring it on," but now if I travel I have both my kids with me. Not only do they need a not-injured father, I don't want them near any ruckus.


Rules & Bylaws Committee

3:45 PM: I've been watching the Democratic Party's Rules and Bylaws Committee all day, today. I'm a bit of a civics geek (like my hero, Rachel Maddow) and it's been exciting to watch the process unfold.

Personally, I'm an Obama partisan (though I would vote for Hillary if it were between her and McCain) so it's been tough to watch obvious Clinton partisans like Harold Ickes keep shoving their oar in when the Obama people are talking.

I'm still watching it, but they're still on lunch break. I hope they can put this to bed, today.


I'm watching MSNBC and I'm just a wreck. Such a historic day. I doubt the nation will ever be apathetic enough to allow somebody like George W. Bush to weasel his way into power again in my lifetime. As disastrous as his administration has been, he's at least united and galvanized us. Here's to putting the adults back in charge. 4 hankies.

Obama's acceptance speech.

Beautiful, wonderful, moving and amazing. He's done it. We've done it. 3 hankies

Obama wins (part II)

So many teary faces. Even the talking heads on the networks are crying. It's keeping me weeping. 2 hankies

Obama wins.

Tonight we saved the country. 4 hankies

Obama's Grandmother

Barack Obama's Grandmother, one of the larger influences in who he has become, has passed away. I cry for Senator Obama, for his daughters and family, because of the loss of somebody so important, but I also cry for Madelyn Dunham for not being able to witness this historical election in which her grandson plays such an important role. I don't yet have grandchildren, but because of my children I understand that our descendants are the vessels that we pour ourselves into. They are what carry us into the future that reaches beyond our lifespan. She will live in history as an important American for who she helped Senator Obama to become. 3 hankies

Barack Obama Half-Hour TV Special

I'm watching this Obama special, and he's sharing some hard-luck stories of everyday Americans, and I have to tell you, it's tearing me apart. He's right. We have to do something, and he's the guy for the job, but this show is really hitting me hard. There are many, many people who need help. 3 hankies


Charles Meets Barack

3 hankies

Wasssup for 2008

This one made me laugh and cry. I was roaring with laughter as tears were almost shooting out of my eyes. And they were tears for the sadness buried under the humor, not just from laughing. Overall, a fantastic little piece. 3 hankies

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

I like this video, but it's not the video,
per se, that brought a tear to my eye. It's the audio of Barack Obama quoting the Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

Those powerful, prophetic words that marked the beginning of our nation always bring a tear to my eye. 2 hankies

Les Misbarack

I went to Little Rock and saw Les Misérables three times during my Junior and Senior years of high-school. I
loved that play. I think that's why this little spoof resonated with me so much.

Also, I knew it was coming, but seeing McCain as Javert had me roaring with laughter, even as tears were streaming down my face. 4 hankies

Below I've embedded a bit of the real Les Misérables. Made me weepy all over, again. 3 hankies


Signs of Hope

3 hankies

Coverage of Obama's Acceptance Speech at the DNC.

I'm watching this time-shifted so I can skip the commercials, but I'm starting at the beginning as Will-I-Am is singing "Yes we can." It's beautiful and makes me tear up (1 hankie). It's amazing that an artist can make a moving song using a campaign speech. Says something about the campaigner, if you ask me.

I'm watching MSNBC's coverage, so there's lots of skipping around to avoid Chris Matthews and Pat Buchannan commentaries... (this isn't the "angry-yelling-at-the-TV-diary") I'm catching as much Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow as I can.

Hee hee... I wonder if Rachel Maddow knows that they're broadcasting her, Nora O'Donnell and Eugene Robinson dancing to Stevie Wonder? For all of her brilliance, she seems kind of shy and self-conscious.

Al Gore is beginning to speak. Just thinking about what the country would be like now if he'd been allowed to take his rightful office back in 2000... Good lord, this man should have been running this country. 1 hankie

Tom Brokaw of all people is making weird comments about the setting being "empirical." The other MSNBC commentators are sort of taking him to task for it.

Joe Biden is speaking. This is the first speech I've heard by him. Not bad...

This is crazy. MSNBC has a transcript of Obama's speech before he makes it, and Olbermann is reading parts of it? Don't spoil it for me! Holy crap!

MSNBC has got to be kicking themselves for putting their set outside. Earlier there was a guy with a bullhorn behind "Race for the Whitehouse" who was drowning out the pundits by screaming "911 was an inside job!" over and over, and now as Rachel Maddow and the others are trying to discuss the upcoming speech, the crowd noise - even without bullhorns - is making it hard to understand them.

That stadium is
crammed full of people...

Dick Durban is taking the stage to introduce Obama.

I have to say, I've been hearing a lot of good speeches in the last few days, and very few speakers can move me the way Obama can. The man is a brilliant orator.

They're showing a video about Obama's biography. I have to say, he was not the prettiest of babies...

This video is very touching. Now he's talking about his mother's passing. 1 hankie

"One person's struggle is all of our struggles. We recognize ourselves in each other." 2 hankies

Is it just a trick of fate? The fact that I was born in '74 and Nixon and his successors are all I have to compare with? Barack Obama strikes me as potentially the most amazing leader our country has ever seen. Is it just because I was born so late in our country's history and don't remember anything better? Or is it the stark comparison of 8 disastrous years of Bush? This man seems so amazing to me. I want him to lead this country. 2 hankies

He's coming onstage, now, and people are weeping. 1 hankie

He accepts the nomination! 4 hankies

"Enough!" 4 hankies

"We love this country too much to let the next four years look like the last eight." 4 hankies

"They work hard, and they give back, and they keep going without complaint. These are the Americans I know." 3 hankies

"It's time for them to own their faliure." 3 angry hankies

"These are my heroes." 3 hankies

"I will restore our moral standing so that America is once again that last best hope for all that are called to the cause of freedom, who long for lives of peace, and who yearn for a better future." 2 hankies

"This election has never been about me. It's about you." 3 hankies

" hear a young preacher from Georgia speak of his dreams..." 2 hankies

Biden and his wife walking on stage to join the Obamas and embracing them really struck me, somehow. 3 hankies

Biden was a young widower, as well. Knowing that draws me to him all the more. Bringing a family through that trauma is difficult and he seems to done it exceptionally well.

"They're going to criticize me for saying that he inspires me, and to hell with my critics." Chris Matthews. That took me by surprise...

Well, they've left the stage. I guess that's a good enough place to stop. What an amazing speech.

Invesco Field National Anthem

(doing this from my iPhone so it might be sloppier than normal.)

I'm like Rachel Maddow, the national anthem always makes me cry. Tonight, though, as I'm fully prepared to cry buckets as I listen to Obama's acceptance speech, it's really flooring me. 4 hankies

Hillary Clinton Moves to Nominate Barack Obama by Acclimation

I just watched the roll-call vote of the Democratic National Convention, and I watched as Senator Hillary Clinton moved to suspend the roll-call and in a show of unity move to nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic Nominee.

I have to tell you, this was a very emotional moment for me. Tears were pouring out as I watched the Democratic Party come together and nominate their candidate. I wasn't the only one, either. There were a lot of tear-streaked faces in that crowd. 4 hankies

Michelle Obama's Speech at the DNC

My daughter had another white night, tonight. She does this quite often. I understand it perfectly, too, because I'm the same way. I just would rather be doing just about anything else but sleeping. She needs the sleep, though, since school has started back up, so I sit on the floor by her bed, keeping her from getting up and going back out to the family room to play. With me there she knows it's bed time and she'll stay in bed even if she's not particularly sleepy. I'm not so durable. A lot of nights I'll fall asleep leaning against her bedroom wall, and wake up a couple hours later, hopefully with her asleep in her bed.

That's what happened, tonight. Like most of these nights, the fact that I actually got a little sleep means I won't be able to just move on to my own bed and fall straight asleep. I actually wake up fairly alert and need some time to wind down, again, before I can finally go back to sleep.

Since the Democratic National Convention is currently underway, I decided to channel surf and see if I could catch some highlights of the convention's first night. What I found on CNN (in high definition, no less) was a replay of Michelle Obama's speech to the convention.

It was beautiful. It was moving. It was pitch perfect coming from a woman who I hope with all my heart will be the next First Lady of the United States. In a political season where her husband routinely makes me weep in anger at the injustices of the past 8 years and with hope at the potential for the next 8, her speech really got to me. It was about honoring the hard work of the past and current generations and their struggle to make life better for those who follow them. 4 hankies

Obama town hall in Raleigh, NC

I didn't catch her last name, but there's a local North Carolina woman named Gloria introducing Obama and relating the devastation that 8 years of Republican rule has wrought. 3 hankies

I might embed some video, later, if I can find it. It was really moving.

Grassroots Obama Ad

Mostly I was just mad through this. Mad at the completely unfair coverage of the two campaigns and the traditional media allowing McCain to go so negative and to outright lie without being called on it. But the last phrase of the commercial is Senator Obama's voice saying, "Your voice can change the World!" Well, it just struck me and made me surge with emotion. I hope nobody's going to sabotage our chance to elect this man President. (2 hankies)

Countdown - July 24th, 2008

Watching the MSNBC interview with Obama after the Berlin speech made me weepy, again. Maybe it's because I've just not seen this type of leadership in my lifetime, but this man simply floors me yet fills me with hope every time I listen to him intelligently discourse with other people and speak knowledgeably and correctly about matters of importance.

Obama Berlin Speech #5

There's too much to document. This speech has left me a weepy - but hopeful! - mess. This man is truly a world leader. 4 hankies

Obama Berlin Speech #4

"These now are the walls we must tear down..." 4 hankies

Obama Berlin Speech #3

As he's speaking the camera is panning over the crowd, and there is a sea of American flags being waved over the crowd. This country has been so mislead and maltreated by it's administrators for the last 8 years... With them gone and trustworthy administrators in power, I think the world is eager to greet us as friends, again. 3 hankies

Obama Berlin Speech #2

He's so thoughtful, and intelligent, and well-versed in History. Listening to this speech just inspires me that we CAN have leaders worthy of the title... 4 hankies

Obama Berlin Speech

I haven't even started watching it, yet. Just read that it drew a crowd of 200,000 people. To give so many people hope... 1 hankie

Barack Obama Addresses A.M.E. Church General Conference

I'm not religious in the sense that I don't believe in the supernatural, but I do respond to a good sermon because I am culturally Christian and my Liberal values do coincide with the Christian values that drove the major social movements in the U.S.: Abolitionists, Suffragettes, Civil Rights activists, etc. This was a good sermon. I know that a lot of my fellow Liberals are uncomfortable with Obama's religious rhetoric, but I'm not worried. He's re-building the wall between Church and State in his overhaul of Bush's corrupt faith-based initiative and he speaks in universal language in the public sphere and religious language when he's in the religious sphere. He does a good job of not mixing the two.

This speech was powerful and comforting. There were quite a few places that I got weepy, especially when he invoked the image of those same faith-based civil rights pioneers I mentioned above - anti slavery, pro-feminist, pro-labor and civil rights activists. And when he talked about the problems we have and the solutions we can find. 3 hankies

Barack Obama: Education Town Hall in Thornton, CO

During the Q&A after the speech, a young woman named Stephanie stood up to ask a question, and the first thing she said was, "I'm just really touched that you're here, that you're bringing hope to this country." and as she said it, she her voice broke a little as she started to cry. I just found it really touching and reassuring that more people understand the great need this country has not only for a new direction, but for a good direction like Obama is talking about in his speeches. 4 hankies (it really moved me)

Barack Obama: Speech on Patriotism

About 9 minutes in, Senator Obama relates how patriotism grew in the lessons his family taught him. One of his earliest memories is of sitting on his grandfather's shoulders, watching the Astronauts come to shore in Hawaii. His grandfather explained that
"we Americans can do anything we set our minds to do. That's my idea of America." 1 hankie

Relating how his mother read the Declaration of Independence to him as a child: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they're endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." Those lines always make me weepy. Social justice means opportunity. Both are things that are ingrained in this nation. 2 hankies

The YouTube video skips to the end at about the 12 minute mark. I'll have to watch the rest, later.

(Damn Twitter - I'm following Obama's tweets, and he announces these speeches on Twitter so you can watch them live, but, because of Twitter's unresponsiveness and downtime, I've yet to receive one less than an hour after the event has already ended.)

Senator Obama Goes to Africa (2006 DVD) #3

In the part of the Documentary about Senator Obama's visit to a Darfur refugee camp, there was as shot of a huge crowd of refugee children, and I got weepy at the idea that somebody could find any justification to force children into such dire situation. 1 hankie

Right after there were some refugee women relating stories of husbands and children being killed before their eyes as they tried to flee the ethnic cleansing. 3 hankies

Senator Obama Goes to Africa (2006 DVD) #2

Senator Obama was visiting a branch of a Chicago bank that was doing micro-lending to entrepreneurs, and as these local Kenyans were relating their stories of enterprise, Senator Obama's voice-over said:

"What's missing, for a lot of these folks, is NOT good ideas or a powerful work ethic, but what's missing is access to capital."

Social justice is a concept very dear to me and is precisely why I'm a Fire-Breathing Liberal and why I like Obama so much. 1 hankie

Senator Obama Goes to Africa (2006 DVD)

I got this DVD from Netflix, and it's pretty interesting. As Obama was talking about he and his wife getting publicly tested in order to get more people to participate in the CDC's testing program, a subtitle came on the screen about the fact that 1.3 million people in Kenya are living with HIV/AIDS and that a further 1 million children are orphans because of AIDS. It's heartbreaking. 2 hankies

Gore Endorses Obama

National Anthem:

Obama hasn't even started speaking, yet. It's the National Anthem. It always makes me cry. Without fail. Pride, sorrow, joy and determination. It contains some very powerful imagery to a civics-geek like me. 1 hankie


Governor Granholm intoduced Gore and Obama and I got misty eyed. It's hard not to hope for the future. 1 hankie

These guys are rockstars. The crowd is climbing the walls.

Gore is speaking - bet there'll be some tears during this speech.

Gore: "with the force of reason and logic..." Don't know why this made me tear up, but it did. 1 hankie

Politically Direct 6/8/08

David Bender (show host) was talking with Dick Durbin (D-IL) about Obama's candidacy and the fact that Bob Dylan endorsed Obama. They discussed how they didn't think he'd ever endorsed a candidate in his 50 year long career, and Durbin was just floored and immediately starts quoting Dylan lyrics! I got weepy 1) because Dylan is an amazing poet, and 2) because Durbin obviously had soul enough to appreciate that, too. Just reminds me why I love the Democrats. They at least try to do the right thing and they do have the souls of poets and determination of zealots in working toward a better society. They're willing to spend the blood and sweat and, yes, the tears to make this a free and just nation. 1 hankie

Obama in 30 Seconds

Watching the winner and the runners up - they all made me weepy. I'm just flooded with a sense of relief and hope. The country actually has a chance of moving in the right direction, again. Multiple hankies.

Obama Video clip on Gawker

I was watching a clip of Obama's speech where he confirms that he'll be the nominee. Made me cry... again!

Barack Obama Clinches the Nomination

I just saw Barack Obama announce that he will be the Democratic nominee for President. I'm crying with joy and pride and even, yes, relief. We need this man to lead us out of the hole that the Bush Administration has dug over the last 8 years. 3 hankies

Obama Stump Speech - Mitchell, South Dakota

Who doesn't get misty-eyed at the hope and promise of this man's candidacy? I hope that the Democrats don't let Hillary drag this thing to the convention. We so desperately need this man as president and we can't afford to keep giving McCain a free pass. We've got to get Barack out there as the official candidate taking McCain on. 1 hankie

Barack Obama

Teared up with hope and pride watching a Barack Obama ad. 1 hankie.

Obama Victory Speech - June 3, 2008

I'm finally getting a chance to watch the whole Obama speech. I know this is going to be rough for me because it's been so long coming, and so important. Blogging it as I watch it.

He's thanking his wife and kids. 1 hankie.

He's thanking his grandma who helped raise him. "Tonight is for her." 2 hankies.

"I will be the Democratic Nominee..." 1 hankie - again! I caught this, earlier, when I flipped over from 30 Days. Still chokes me up.

People are holding up "Unify!" signs. 1 hankie.

They're cheering him to the rafters. 1 hankie.

"I respect his many accomplishments, even if he chooses to deny mine." The crowd cheers him to the rafters, again. 1 hankie.

"...give our veterans the care and the benefits they deserve when they come home." 1 hankie.

"...that is the legacy of Roosevelt, and Kennedy, and Truman..." 2 hankies.

"...cities in Michigan, and Ohio, and right here in Minnesota, He'd understand the kind of change people are looking for." 1 hankie.

"or where he spoke tonight in New Orleans..." 1 hankie.

"That's why I'm running for President of the United States." 2 hankies.

The crowd is chanting "Yes, we can!" 3 hankies.

"...That uses religion as a wedge, and patriotism as a bludgeon." 1 hankie.

"We are always Americans first!" 2 hankies.

"So it was for that band of patriots in Philadelphia..." The tears are just flowing, now. 4 hankies.

"That this was the moment..."

"so that it may always reflect our very best selves..."


That was almost cathartic. I cry a lot (as I've documented in this blog), but I haven't cried that much at one time in quite awhile. Pride and hope and joy mingled with a bit of sadness at the current sad state of this great nation. We're going to fix it, though. We're going to elect this man President and have a strongly Democratic House and Senate and we're going to save America again.