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There’s a definite reason why I love The Rachel Maddow Show so much. I grew up in the very Conservative South, and, while I figured out in my teens that Conservatism was wrong, I was never exposed to dissenting viewpoints so I could figure out exactly why I knew it was wrong.

Rachel is brilliant at explaining why and giving the history and statistics to prove her point. She is an actual Political Scientist.

I also enjoy other Liberals like John Fugelsang who are funny - and correct! - in their politics, but come far more from the gut rather than pure intellect.

Rachel is almost pure intellect. Funny, emotional, and righteous intellect, but intellect nonetheless.

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Community of Veterans (iava.org)

I saw this mentioned on
The Rachel Maddow Show. 3 hankies

Rachel Maddow Show 10/9/08

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

At 1:51 into this clip, Rachel talks bout Cook County Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart suspending evictions of renters who's landlords are in foreclosure. These tenants aren't part of the mortgage, but they're still being tossed into the street. He's risking contempt charges but still is doing the right thing for the people he serves. 2 hankies

The Rachel Maddow Show 7/24/08

I'm catching up on back episodes of TRMS because they didn't post their podcasts for a couple days. Listening to Thursday's show, Rachel is replaying the Obama Berlin speech in it's entirety. The ending is making me weepy all over again. 2 hankies

Rachel Maddow Show 7/17/08

Listen to this little clip from Thursday's Rachel Maddow Show. The bit about Rep. Sanchez' Jersey having the "IX" on it made me a little misty-eyed. I'm not much for sports, but I am big on social justice, and I think that Title IX putting women's sports on equal financial footing with men's sports was important. 1 hankie

(I highly recommend buying a premium membership to Air America Radio. For one yearly fee you get to download any or all of their shows as podcasts, commercial-free. Rachel Maddow is my most favorite, but I also listen to another half a dozen, or so, though less devoutly.)

Rachel Maddow Show 6/17/08

When Rachel is talking to Paul Rieckhoff and she mentions "The Andi Foundation," in the memory of Andi Parhamovich. 1 hankie

I remember the Air America radio show where Rachel shared the sad news that Andi had been killed and vividly remember crying my eyes out as Rachel just broke down on air over the loss of her friend.