I'm job hunting, again. It's the first time in a few years, and my old resumé is just boring and maybe even a little puzzling. It's a standard, old-style CV which seems to jump from one field to another at a couple points but doesn't really show the whole story. So I'm trying something different. A biographical resumé that not only says where I've worked, but what I did and even sometimes why. Hopefully it'll present a clearer picture.

Kurt Murray's Work History

I graduated from high-school in 1993. That summer, I started working for Wal-Mart as a stock-boy and teller. That fall, I started at North Arkansas College as a part-time student. Soon I had a second job working for the college I.T. department supporting the Macintoshes on campus as well as helping students and faculty with their websites. This was the mid-90s, and the Internet was still a very new phenomenon. I had taught myself HTML and, with that knowledge, helped build and maintain dozens of websites during my time at NAC.

I kept both jobs for the next few years while going to school. During this time, Wal-Mart promoted me to Customer Service Manager, where I had nightly responsibility over customer returns, refunds and half a dozen cashiers with nightly register totals and preparing cash-bags for bank deposit.

In 1998, I switched colleges and left those two jobs to start attending College of the Ozarks as a full-time student. College of the Ozarks is a work-for-tuition school, and during my time there I had a summer job working construction to pay for my room and board, and, while school was in session, I worked at KCOZ, the college radio station, as this related to my fine arts major in Mass Communications.

I met my future wife at C of O, and after a year there, we decided to get married. I would change priorities temporarily and work full-time to support us, and she would finish her degree (she was closer to graduation). Our plan was for me to refocus on school after she'd earned her license as a Registered Dietician. During her final year in school, I was hired in the back-office as a Proof Operator at Ozark Mountain Bank. That involved balancing teller transactions as well as verifying and correcting account activity on all types of personal and commercial accounts.

After her graduation, my wife and I moved to Chicago where she attended a year-long Dietetic Internship. I found a job at DPM Advertising (now Movéo) working as a web developer building web sites for clients. We built everything from sites for political campaigns to customer-facing informational websites to client- and internal-facing corporate intranets. I added CSS to my skill-set and learned how to build database-driven sites hosted on IIS, Linux and even early versions of OS X.

During this time, my wife had obtained her license as a Registered Dietician and was working in her chosen field and my co-workers at Movéo had become our close friends. We had two children. We bought a house.

Sadly, in November 2002, I lost my wife in a car accident. Also, not long after, my younger child - my daughter - was diagnosed with autism, and I decided to move back to my hometown in Arkansas to be close to family for support and where I could more easily afford to be a single parent. I continued to work for Movéo for the next two years as a full-time telecommuting consultant. The demands of being the sole caregiver of a child with autism started to require more and more of my attention so I scaled back to part-time contracting, which I have been doing since 2004.

I've worked on a few tasks, including a two-year project as a subcontractor helping one of the major search engines verify and refine search results and even an 18 month assignment as telephone customer support for a national electronics chain. I'm fine working on months- or years-long telecommute projects, but I'm hoping to find something a bit more permanent. Something where I can be part of a team and develop long-term relationships with my colleagues.