The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - 9/24/08

I only discovered Craig Ferguson a few months ago when he was a guest on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!," so I don't know how rare or common it is for him to take a serious tangent in his monologue. He did take one, tonight, though. At about 3:50 into this clip (the whole thing is worth watching, though - he is really funny) he starts talking about the financial crisis and proposed bailout. At the end he very seriously, and, to me, shockingly, asks, "Where's the bailout for the 10 million uninsured kids?" and immediately the smile I was wearing at hearing his jokes was knocked off my face and tears sprung to my eyes. He's exactly right. Stable markets are nice, but there are much more serious issues that we've been neglecting for too long, and they have precedence. 2 hankies

Real Time with Bill Maher - 09/19/2008

"Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" 3 hankies


Jonathan Winters on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Jonathan Winters has always been one of my favorite comedians. I somehow saw some of his stand-up as a kid, and his humor just really appealed to me. It made me a bit weepy to see him triumphantly raise his cane to the audience at the beginning of this segment (1 hankie) and he was pretty funny, throughout. With this interview, though, he really strikes me as a man sort of saying his goodbyes. He's been married for 60 years, and his wife isn't well. With couples who've been bonded so long, it's rare for one to long survive the other. I hope he and his wife live to be 150, but I really had the feeling while I was watching this that this may be one of his last public appearances. 2 hankies

Dog Whisperer: ATF K-9 Gavin

I just finished watching this episode (only an excerpt, here), and it's hard not to be touched by the troubles this dog has, and not to be moved by the way he's recovered and so much healthier, now. 3 hankies

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

I heard about this the other day on The Rachel Maddow Show. Kathy did an interview with Rachel about this episode - the season finale - where she went to Walter Reed Army Hospital and visited with injured and recovering troops. So I went ahead and set up the DVR to record it. I knew it'd be rough to watch, and I wasn't disappointed. I used about half a box of tissues watching this show. 4 hankies

On a side note, I've never watched anything on the Bravo network before. Seeing the ads for the vapid and shallow other shows on the network, I doubt I'll be watching much else on there.

Discovery Channel Song

I haven't seen this commercial in months, but a short version was just on as I was watching "Dirty Jobs." The first time I saw it I just fell apart. I laughed and cried, and watched it over and over. It still makes me cry. Tears of joy and pride. We are a remarkable species living on a remarkable planet. The very fact that we're capable of realizing this just fills me with hope and happiness. 3 hankies


America's Funniest Home Videos

My son absolutely loves AFV, and since it's not star trek (long story), it's one of the things he watches that I can still stand to watch. Today, we were watching a time-shifted re-run from 1990 and they had a clip of a young man surprising his girlfriend as she came home with a proposal of marriage. He was on one knee in the living room and had the camera on and was just waiting for her when she stepped in the door. Her reaction was funny, but also very, very touching. Evidently, he'd taken the time to talk to her family and obtained (I think) her grandmother's wedding ring and evidently this was just the right thing to do. She was floored, and just cried and cried. It was very moving. 3 hankies

(I searched, but couldn't find it on YouTube.)